Basil Kiwan

I took up photography as an awkward 16 year old, with film SLR that I saved up to buy. My camera was a companion, helping me to document the world as I saw it and create the vision that was in my mind's eye. The technology has changed and given us better tools, but photography is the same art form.

I am fortunate to live near Washington DC, and to have the opportunity to travel. I am not short of subjects to picture. At its best, photography is about capturing that emotive moment, whether it is a personal portrait, or the look in the eyes of our furry friends, or a dramatic scene in nature. Capturing that emotive moment is a matter of timing, circumstance, and technique, but when it comes together, the image can convey an emotion in a way that words cannot.

I am happy to work with you on studio portraits, or documenting events and my photos are also available for print. If you find my work interesting, click on the contact button and send me a message. I'd love to work with you to capture that special moment.